Custom Orders

Custom orders are available and crafted for each unique situation.  Lead times and prices are specific to each request.  To order a custom product, contact us at


Custom Belts



Custom Knife Sheaths

Custom Knife Sheath Custom Initialed Knife SheathsCustom Knife Sheath 


Custom Spur Straps

Custom Basketweave Spur Strap with Concho and Bleeder Knot Custom ARCHA Dove Wing Spur Strap with Concho and Bleeder KnotCustom Thunderbird Initialed Bib Style Spur Straps


Custom Hat Bands

 Custom Aztec Hat Band Custom Turquoise Hat Band


Custom Leggings

Custom Leggings Chinks Back Belt with Basketweave Custom Leggings Chinks hanging on a western saddleCustom Leggings Chinks hip belt


Leather Jewelry

Custom Aztec Thunderbird Triangle Leather Earrings Custom Leather Jeremiah 29:11 BraceletCustom Mustard Yellow Leather Tassel Earrings Custom "Kit Kat" Name Triangle Leather Earrings


Other Accessories

   Custom Feather Saddle Phone Pouch with Hair On InlayCustom Leather Caduceus Tooled Valet Tray